Chicken Links You Might Enjoy

By the Hen Whisperer

These chicken links are just for fun, with pics and websites galore!

My Pet Chicken
My Pet Chicken
Which Chicken Breed selector tool
My Pet Chicken: Backyard Chickens. Everything needed to keep chickens
Our Best Layers
Egg Recipes
Free chicken themed wallpaper for your computer desktop
Ultra Rare Breeds

The Chicken Chick
The Chicken Chick® | Backyard Chicken Keeping Information and Advice
Recipes to Make for Your Chickens
Sprouting Grains for Chickens: Fodder for Thought
Flock Focus Friday
The Chicken Chick®: How a Hen Makes an Egg & Egg Oddities
Chicken Checkup: DIY Physical Exam
The Effects of Mint on Chickens, Flies and Rodents in the Chicken Yard
Legalizing Backyard Chickens
Rooster Fertility: The Tale of Max & the Scrambled Hatching Eggs
Polka Dot Easter Eggs Tutorial
The Right Way to Hold & Handle a Chicken
20+ Winter Boredom Busters for Backyard Chickens!
Chicken Coop Design Essentials, Details & Luxuries
The Chicken Chick’s Spruce the Coop® Herbal Fusion Nest Box Herbs
Integrating New Chickens into the Flock: “The Playpen Method”

Backyard Chicken Pictures
“The early bird gets the worm”
A portrait of Bippy
A Golden Laced Polish Hen
Black Star Hen
Buff Cochin Pullet
Another Rosecomb Closeup
White Silkie Rooster

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