My Flock

By the Hen Whisperer

Ah, chickens.  They are some of my favorite animals.  They’re so serious and peaceful, at least when they aren’t pecking each other’s or squawking to announce to the world that they just laid an egg.  We currently have 5 laying hens.  They’re an assorted bunch made up of 4 Easter Eggers and 1 Ameraucana. We did have 1 other chicken named Leah, but…🦅😔

You may be wondering why we only have 1 Ameraucana. To make a long story short, the summary is that we wanted 6 Ameraucana layers to keep as happy little pets. We ordered from Mount Healthy Hatchery, and they sent us 5 Easter Eggers and 1 Ameraucana! We named the Ameruacana Lizzie. They’re all good layers, and I’m showing Lizzie at the Warren County Fair in Ohio this summer.

Below is a picture of the hens. Lizzie is the pure white one, the white bodied, red – backed hen is Leah, and the hen who’s black is Harriett. (She’s always broody.) The dark brown one is Venus and the lighter brown hen is Destiny (or Dessie.) And the little fluffy gray bottom behind Harriett is Louise. 

We began this flock with 6 hens, but we have a problem with hawks. Alas, one of our hens has been eaten and I am determined not to lose any more! 

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