Meet the Happy Hens


Hello! My name is Harriett and I’m a sleek and shiny black hen. One of my ancestors was probably an Australorp, and I’m an Easter Egger. My favorite food is mealworm salad. I’m broody right now, so look for me in my nest. My mom (The Hen Whisperer) keeps telling me that my eggs aren’t fertilized and aren’t going to hatch, but of course they are! My instinct never lies. It’s telling me now that if I sit on them long enough, they’ll hatch.  I live in the Happy Hen Flock with my best friend, Destiny.

Harriett certainly is broody, but her eggs will not hatch. We don’t know ‘egg-zactly’ if she’s part Aussie (Australorp), but she’s identical to a purebred hen. To find out how to make mealworm salad, click here.


“Hi! My name is Lizzie. I am the only purebred hen in the flock, and you can tell it because I have a gray beard and muffs! Also, I’m white with a red breast. But yes, I’m still a girl. Unlike Harriett, I never go broody. My favorite food is cabbage and I love bossing everyone around. Thanks to me, they actually know how to behave now. I sometimes peck Destiny, but hey, she wasn’t even following the rules!”

Well, as you can see, Lizzie is pretty bossy. But she’s sweet too. Tell me in the comments section if you have hens that act pretty much like her. 


“Hi! My name is Louise and I’m gray with a black head. Because of my round appearance, people often think I’m part Cochin. No one knows if I am or not. What do you think? My picture is below. I’ve heard my mom, The Hen Whisperer, say I have a ‘sweet demeanor’ and I ‘warm up to people right away’!  I’m not often broody. My favorite color is light pink and my favorite dish is henmeal. These are the directions to make it: Make oatmeal. Quinoa, millet, or rice will work too. Then stir mealworms, bird seed, safflower seed, or all three into it. It’s really good. But only for hens.”

Louise is a very sweet hen and loves pretty much anyone. ‘Henmeal’ is just a nickname we call that mix Louise described. All the hens love it, but Louise gobbles it up. Sadly, you can’t buy henmeal at a store because it’s just a farm recipe. But with the directions, you can make it yourself. Let me know in the comments section if your hens like it! 


“My name is Destiny, but everyone calls me Dessie. I’m an Easter Egger with a golden head, red body, and gray tail. Mom can’t figure out what breed I might be. Do you know? She says Wyandotte could be possible, or maybe Campine. I’m a little shy, but if you get to know me better, I’ll be really sweet to you. Promise. My favorite color is bright purple and my favorite food is strawberries. Mom said strawberries and sugar are good together, but I’ve never tried any. My best friend is Harriett. I don’t go broody often and I live in paradise with my flock, The Happy Hens.” 

Dessie is a bit shy, but she’s real sweet when you get to know her. She is the most… um… athletic hen we have and she knows it, too. She’ll fly out of cages and run at top speed when I’m trying to catch her until I’m bright red and breathing hard. Dessie’s hilarious, but a troublemaker too. The picture below shows her and Harriett eating cabbage. She’s the brown hen. Tell me in the comments section if you have a guess about what breed she is!


Hello! My name is Venus.  I’m brown with black, red, and gray speckles on me, like an Easter Egger should be! My favorite color is light blue and my favorite food is a Flock Block… I love Flock Blocks! I do not like dust baths and rarely take any. They’re oh so dirty and gritty, you know? I’m pretty much never  broody. I live in the Happy hen flock with Lizzie, Dessie, Harriett, and Louise. The name fits us well; we’re very happy hens!

Venus is sweet and the best jumper we have! We sometimes call her Venie. She’s never broody and is best friends with everyone. She will never peck you unless you’re wearing something shiny or holding food. In these cases, she was just a little off the target and into your hand! In the picture, Venie is the dark brown hen directly under Lizzie, the white one. In the comments section, tell me if you have a hen who shares a trait with Venus!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Happy Hens

  1. We have a broody maran. She has sat now for 2 months! Very stroppy too. Funny thing is she wears a hen saver jacket as the boys leap on her whenever she emerges for a snack and to moan at everyone. Doesn’t look very cool wearing it in your broody egg box.
    Love your post and your characters.


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