Ah, chickens.  They are some of my favorite animals.  They’re so serious and peaceful, at least when they aren’t pecking each other or squawking to announce to the world that they just laid an egg.  We currently have 7 laying hens.  They’re an assorted bunch composed of the following breeds:

  • Americaunas
  • Barred Rocks
  • Golden Laced Wyandottes
  • Buff Brahamas
  • Light Brahmas

Here are two of our oldest chickens, Amelia (so named by my daughter because she is a good flier, as was Amelia Earhart) and Black Spots, because, you know, she has black spots.  We began this flock with 12 hens, but we have a major problem with coyotes and hawks.  Alas, 5 have been eaten and I am determined not to lose any more! 

So, we are in the process of building a large run which will be completely encased in wire.

It’s 10 x 20 feet, which should be plenty of room for our remaining small flock.  I’ll post photos of the process for anyone who has a similar problem with their chickies!

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