How to Sew a Chicken Stuffie!

By the Hen Whisperer


Sewing Machine

You/Your Kids

Colored Fabric

Red Fabric                                                     

Yellow/Brown Fabric

Black Embroidery Thread

White Embroidery Thread


#1 – Cut out two copies of the chicken template using the color of your choice. It should look like this:

#2 – Cut out comb and beak. Be sure to use the hold and draw method. This involves holding a piece of fabric behind the template and using a map pencil to draw the approximate size of the next shape. 

 #Checkpoint – Make sure you have two of everything: two templates, two combs, two beaks. You need these to be able to have a front and back of the stuffie. If you do, carry on to ironing the fabric. If you don’t, use the hold and draw method to make copies of the first template, comb, and beak.

#3 – Sew the template together with the right side  you want everyone to see facing each other on the inside. You should have the wrong side facing you on both sides.  Leave a small hole for stuffing. It should be about the size of 3 fingers. 

#4 – Using the small hole you left, poke the fabric through the hole until the whole stuffie has the seams on the inside.

#5 – Repeat steps 3 – 4 for the comb and the beak. Be sure to leave a small hole here along the bottom edge of the comb and along the edge of the comb that connects to the face.

#6 – Pinch the open parts together and insert them up by the head. Pin and sew to the head.

#7 – Stuff the chicken’s body with stuffing.

#8 – Embroider the eyes and wing(s) onto the chicken in the appropriate places. 

#9 – Embroider extra details on the hen.

#10 – Sleep with the stuffie for 3 nights to get the stuffing accustomed to your positions. 

I hope you enjoyed my explanation on how to sew a chicken stuffie! Remember, you can be as creative with it as you want! I have a teal chicken stuffie with a white embroidered wing. It’s so cute! Have fun with this cute addition to your “nest”!