Meet the Hen Whisperer

Hello! If you’re visiting my tab, you probably keep chickens like me or are interested in learning more about how to take care of chickens. So let me start with a short introduction and tell you about me and my hens.

We live on a nice big farm. In addition to me, my mom, and my dad, we keep 5 chickens, 3 cats, 2 horses, and 2 dogs on our farm. The chickens in The Happy Hen Flock (which is mine) all lay medium-sized blue and green eggs and some even have spots! The cats and 1 dog are all mutts, and the other dog is a German Shepherd. One horse is a mustang, and last but not least is our old Anglo-Arabian girl. 

I am from Ohio and am 9 years old. I have raised and loved many chicks, hens, and roosters and do not plan on giving up my flock anytime soon. I also write chicken books, and the first one is called Chicken FAQs. Sadly, I am only half done with it, having 11 pages and 26 questions. There will be a sneak peek of 15 questions soon,  though. I really hope you will enjoy all my posts! 

Happy Clucks,

The Hen Whisperer and The Happy Hen Flock

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